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Yamato Clam

Yamato Clam has been used traditionally as a liver enhancing tonic, and to treat liver disorders for ages. Unfortunately, some people miss out on a real health-enhancing miracle because they’ve heard that one can contract Hepatitis A from eating contaminated clams. But the truth is that if the clams come from a fresh uncontaminated source, they are actually one of the best things you can take for your liver. Yamato Clam is found in Japan’s Shinji Lake, the lake that comes together with the sea water and fresh water. Shinji Lake has been designated as a Wetland of International Importance. It is also designated as a Special Protection Area of National Wildlife Protection Area by the Government of Japan. Shinji Lake is protected under The Natural Park Law and Wildlife Protection and Hunting Law. It is a beautiful lake with clean and fresh air abounding with fish.

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Yamato Clam is a rich source of vitamins D and B12 as well as the minerals zinc, copper, selenium and iron. Zinc and vitamin D play crucial roles in the reproductive health of men and women as well as the health of babies developing in the womb.

Zinc is important for the cell division and the production of healthy sperm. In addition, it was shown to increase sex drive and male potency. Therefore, a zinc-deficient diet may lead to prostatic hyperplasia and reducing the reproductive function of the system and affect fertility. A study has also shown that zinc helps in protecting the structure of the genetic material or the DNA chromatin in the sperm nucleus. This structure is important for successful fertilization.

For women, zinc is also essential to reproductive health and to the health of infants developing in their wombs. The lack of zinc in pregnant women may lead to the decrease of fetal brain cells, affecting their mental development. Children’s lack of zinc will hinder their normal growth and reproductive development.

Vitamin D also improves both female and male reproduction. Researchers found that vitamin D supplementation might improve menstrual frequency and metabolic disturbances in those women. In men, vitamin D is positively associated with semen quality and androgen status.

Adults: Take 3 tablets every night before sleep.
Children: Take 1 tablet every night before sleep.
If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before taking Yamato Clam.
My body was weak and I often suffered from indigestion and difficulty in sleeping. One day, one of my friends came to ask me. She said all these problems were actually due to over toxicity in my body. I hardly believed on that initially. I tried to recall on my eating habits and finally I came to realize that what she says were accurate as I used to take spicy and oily food.

After I have heard her explanation, I started to take Yamato Clam and Super High Fiber Nutritional Food. I take them every day and feel that I have gained a lot of improvements. My body has become well and lightens, energy is better and I can sleep well at night. I feel extremely excited. I will continue to take such a perfect products.

Anna Ong See Hoi, Jalan Kuchai Lama, KL

I have been working in the home renovation industry for more than 10 years. Every day I come into contact with various renovation materials, paints and dusts, thus my skin got allergic and even psoriasis. At first, my wrist, hip and thigh were red and swollen with unbearable itchiness and pain. I had seen many doctors and took many medications but this psoriasis problem relapsed every time after I stopped those medications. My friends told me that this might be the symptom of toxin overloaded and recommended me a lot of health supplements sold by some direct-selling companies. I had spent a lot of money on those supplements but to no avail.
Then I came across DNG Worldwide’s Yamato Clam in a special occasion. I found out that it is a powerful detoxification health food from Japan and has helping many people to get rid of toxin-overloaded symptoms, including skin problems. After gathering more information about Yamato Clam, I was very confident in it and bought one box as recommended by my friend. I took Yamato Clam twice every day.
After two weeks of consumption, my psoriasis problem on my hip had significantly improved as expected. I continued it and soon after that, I was happy to found that the psoriasis infection on my wrist and thigh was cured too. Thanks to Yamato Clam, I no longer have to suffer from the irritating skin problem!

Er Kah Hian, 48 years old, Pandan Indah

I like to go out with friends at night to get some beer and chatting. Most of the time, we will hang out until midnight and by the time I wake up, it’s already noon. Due to my irregular sleeping pattern, along with sleep deprivation, I found that my mind can hardly stay focus and easily got distracted. This situation had continued for quite a long time.
Furthermore, I was frequently bothering by backache as well as itchiness on my palms and soles. I was really upset as I just in my early 20’s and had already suffering from all these problems. Hence, I had decided to take some supplements to help regain my health. Then, I happened to know about Yamato Clam from DNG Worldwide. Since then, I have started to take them every morning and night regularly.
Just about one month later, I felt totally different. My backache was gone and I felt incredibly energetic. It’s really amazing!

Hung Fei, Klang

I was a smoker for almost 50 years. I suffered from many elderly diseases when I get older because I did not care for my health and have the healthy food when I was young. What made me suffered most is the worsening of the lung functions. I could not perform vigorous activities and was forced to stay at home on most of the times because I feel weak and I even could not breathe normally after I was diagnosed with the lung diseases. 
Luckily I met with DNG Worldwide. I feel healthy and better after I took Yamato Clam. I took the products as guided with the medicine from the doctor under the inspiration from my daughters. I feel fresh and able to carry out basic household works after few weeks of consumption. 
I will certainly continue to take DNG Worldwide products because it helps me to regain my health. I will also adapt to the healthy eating patterns, manage my stress properly and follow the doctor’s guidance to further improve my health.

Idris bin Abdullah, Batu Pahat

When I still in secondary school, I had found out that I was a hepatitis B carrier through a blood test. Hence, I am very health conscious. I always exercise and maintain healthy lifestyle and dietary pattern. However, as my age increased, added with the work pressure and less than 6 hours of sleep every night, my liver functions were rapidly decreased and I felt extremely tired and sleepy during the day time. Therefore, I took some supplements but they didn’t help much.
According to the liver test I did last November (year 2009), my GOT index had increased to 58 and GPT index had increased to 87, far exceeding the normal ranges and this made me so worry. Then, my friend introduced DNG Worldwide’s Yamato Clam to me and I started taking it. Just after two weeks, I noticed that I no longer getting tired easily. This August, I redid the test and to my surprise, my GOT index had decreased to 36 and my GPT index also had returned to 34 that were within the safety ranges. Doctor said this was because my liver functions had gotten back to normal, no wonder I felt more energetic than ever. I will definitely continue taking Yamato Clam!

Kang Seong Keat, Puchong

I suffered from liver enlargement some 5 to 6 years ago. This resulted me in difficulty of breathing at night and most of the time I couldn’t sleep well, sometimes I have to adjust my sleeping position. Luckily I was introduced with the Yamato Clam. I took the product 3 tablets each in the morning and at night continuously for the few months. I noticed that I can sleep well at night and there is no more difficulty in breathing anymore. I found out that my liver is returned to the normal condition when I went for the body check-up. I feel very glad and would like to thank the product for improving my health.

Mandy Tee Wong Pheng, Kapar, Klang

Before I came across DNG Worldwide’s products, my health condition was poor and I had been afflicted by stubborn skin problem for a few years. My toes, for example, frequently got ulcerated and the skin turned dark for no reason, sometimes even got swollen. Besides that, the skin of my arms was dry and loosened. I had tried many moisturizing cream but to no avail. I finally realized the reason behind after a friend pointed out to me that these might be the syndromes of liver degeneration. I knew that I should tackle the problem at its root and therefore I had started to take Yamato Clam. Only after a few days of consumption, I immediately noticed that the skin color of my toes became brighter, the ulcerated and swollen conditions of my toes were significantly improved. I continued taking it along with Super High Fiber Nutritional Food and Instant Cereal Drink for the next few weeks. To my surprise, not only my toes were fully recovered, the skin of my body also became brighter and I felt extremely energetic!

Tan Swee Peng, Puchong

I am a 30-year-old disable man. Few years ago, I was suffered from cerebral hemorrhage in a serious accident and my left body became paralyzed. My family has a restaurant, so I work as a cashier in the restaurant. After the accident, I became so depressed and my life seemed so torturous. So, I started to numb myself with alcohol. Consequently, I was infected with stubborn psoriasis. It kept on relapsing every time I stopped the medication. This situation had lasted for about 3 years.
One day, a couple came to my restaurant and they felt so sorry for me after they learned about my trouble, then they recommended DNG Worldwide’s Yamato Clam to me. I followed their instruction and took 3 tablets after breakfast and another 3 tablets before bedtime every day. After one week, the miracle happened. I was fully recovered from psoriasis without any sign of relapse or itchiness, my complexion was improved and I felt more energetic. Moreover, my memory was strengthened and I no longer forget about the important things. I would like to thank the couple for giving me a hope of life and a chance to experience the magic power of DNG Worldwide’s Yamato Clam.

Tan Yee Seng, Kapar, Klang

I work as a cook and I always standing for a long time, thus the skin of my legs had become noticeable dark and itchy, this made me so worried until I couldn’t work and sleep well. Every time I felt itchy I would scratch it, while the more I scratched, the darker my legs had gotten. Sometimes I would apply some cream to my legs but it was useless. I didn’t see doctor because they were not painful and this problem had lasted for almost 5 or 6 years.
My child has had skin problem for 3 years but he got fully recovered after he took DNG Worldwide’s Yamato Clam, therefore I also tried it. I took 2 tablets every night for a few months. Surprisingly, the stubborn itchiness had gone, the darkness of my legs was improved and I felt happier. Thank you, DNG Worldwide’s Yamato Clam!

Gan Ah Moi, Kapar, Klang

One day, I felt curious and later I approached a woman promoting her products to her clients at one public area. I bought two boxes of Yamato Clam from her when I was told that the product could treat all kind of diseases since my husband was having the redness on eye without showing any signs of recovery after treatments. The eyes of my husband did not look inflamed and the disease seems to have been recovered after taking Yamato Clam.
I was diagnosed with thyroid enlargement in year 2007. Regrettably, all seems to be worthless though I have tried many methods like going for operation, visiting doctors and controlling the food consumption. The cough was still troubling me and my husband, making us unable to sleep well at night. Surprisingly, the cough started to disappear after I tried the product. My friends were all shocked that I have such a fast recovery after taking only two boxes of Yamato Clam.

Yong Siew Jiao, Klang