DNG D'Cella

DNG D’Cella – A new bioactive synergy formula expanding its capability to boost defence power in every cells. The new D'Cella from Australia contains highest Sulforaphane Yielding Broccoli Sprout, so it’s more powerful to activate cell renewal and help regaining your natural youth and vitality!

SIZE: 30 sachets x 2g

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DNA Protection & Health

In 1992, a research group at Johns Hopkins University identified glucoraphanin as a naturally occurring compound in broccoli. When converted to Sulforaphane, it possesses powerful protective activity in body’s defence mechanisms against DNA damage and delaying naturally occurring ageing reactions at a cellular level.

D’Cella yields highest amount of Sulforaphane derived from the very young broccoli sprouts which are easy for the body to absorb, plus nutritionally dense Indian Gooseberry to help regulate body functions and promote metabolism.

D’Cella derived Sulforaphane is capable of activating chemical ‘switch’ - Nrf2 in human cells. These switches also activates thousands genes expression which related to how human cells carry out cell defense responses and essential functions necessary for cell survival. Nutrigenomically-active Sulforaphane can ‘talk’ to the genes in our cells and affect the way our genes are expressed.

The Sulforaphane benefits are countless! D’Cella derived sulforaphane helps activating body’s defence mechanism with the production of high levels of natural antioxidant within every cells of your body. 

8 Good Reasons to Choose D'Cella
1) Derived from 3-4 days old young broccoli sprouts                       5) Well absorbed with high bioavailability         
2) Highest Sulforaphane
Yielding Broccoli Sprout ingredient
        6) Non-irradiated         
3) Potently activates
 cellular defences via Nrf2 and other mechanism
       7) Non-GMO      
4) Helps protect against ingested and inhaled toxins   8) Hydroganically-produced using our unique technology

D’Cella and Body Health

Nutrigenomically-active ingredient in D'Cella gives you health benefits as follow:

  • Promotes deeper cleansing and detoxification
  • Reduces health damage from pollution
  • Promotes cell renewal and cell repair 
  • Increases body’s defense ability 
  • Protects the brain and improves cognitive function
  • Improves liver function
  • Promotes deep relaxation and stress relief 
  • Aiding digestion and reduces inflammation 
  • Promotes communication interaction in autism 
  • Promotes healthy body contour 
  • Supports hair growth
  • Improves blood cholesterol level
  • Improves blood sugar level
Broccoli sprouts specifically are a good source of glucoraphanin, which creates Sulforaphane when chewed or swallowed. This compound accelerates the body’s ability to detoxify from various pollutants. By using our innovative patented technology, whole broccoli sprouts are spray dried and processed into proprietary powder whilst retaining the essential bioactives maximally.

D’Cella yields great amounts of Sulforaphane derived from highest quality broccoli sprouts which are easy for the body to absorb. In order to achieve optimum cellular functions, D’Cella derived Sulforaphane plays an crucial role in activating the synthesis of high levels of body’s Phase 2 detoxification enzymes. Abundant evidence suggests that the activation of Phase 2 enzymes can protect cells against carcinogenic and mutagenesis.

Keys to Cellular Detoxification
Sulforaphane induces chemical switch Nrf2 in human cells to activate the synthesis of phase II detox enzyme, Quinone Reductase which involves in last step of gene damage prevention. 

Pour content of one sachet into mouth and consume some water afterward. 
Recommended Consumption: Take 1 sachet, three times per day before meals.