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Anna Ong See Hoi, Jalan Kuchai Lama, KL
Yamato Clam + Super High Fiber Nutritional Food
My body was weak and I often suffered from indigestion and difficulty in sleeping. One day, one of my friends came to ask me. She said all these problems were actually due to over toxicity in my body. I hardly believed on that initially. I tried to recall on my eating habits and finally I came to realize that what she says were accurate as I used to take spicy and oily food.

After I have heard her explanation, I started to take Yamato Clam and Super High Fiber Nutritional Food. I take them every day and feel that I have gained a lot of improvements. My body has become well and lightens, energy is better and I can sleep well at night. I feel extremely excited. I will continue to take such a perfect products.
Janice, Kulai
Goat’s Milk Candy
I have gastric problem. Doctor always gives me antibiotics and pain killer for temporary relief. I found out that DNG Worldwide is selling Goat’s Milk Candy specially designed for people who suffered from stomach pain. It is delicious. When gastric, I will immediately eat it, the pain will relief after 5 minutes. Now, no more gastric!
Lee Lin, Kuala Lumpur
Ginali Capsule + Bright Max
I had poor blood circulation before as I have suffered from tinnitus, floaters in the eyes, headache and body fatigue very frequently for long time. I could not withstand whenever the problem happened especially during the bed time. I did my blood test regularly and seen many doctors but to no avail. Finally, I got to know many health products from DNG Worldwide, among others Ginali Capsule and Bright Max. I took them for few months and I found out that I have gained very good improvement on many health conditions which have surrounded me for many years. I feel full of life now as like I have gone through a complete body detoxification.
Ng Jia Le,9 years old, Ampang, Selangor
Sea Cucumber Plus Syrup
I used to suffer from frequent itchy throat and coughing for no reason. Sometimes, I even cough for a few hours continuously and this make me feeling really bad. Worse still, my throat used to be congested by lots of phlegm with dark yellow colour and it’s so eerie.
Each time I got serious cough, my mother would bring me to the doctor. I really hate those bitter cough syrups prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes, the doctor even gives me lots of different antibody pills. However, I still could not fully recover from the cough after I finished those medications and few days after that I would probably down with cough and phlegm again. My mother loves me so much and she bought me fish oil, cough syrup and many other health supplements but all to no avail.
One day, my mother brought me a bottle of Sea Cucumber plus Syrup from DNG Worldwide. After I took the first tablespoon, my throat instantly felt comfortably cold like eating an ice-cream. It is not bitter and thus I took it twice every day in the morning and evening. Strangely enough, just after one week of consumption, my stubborn cough has gone; my phlegm became less yellowish and my throat felt much more comfortable. I love you, mum! Because of your Sea Cucumber plus Syrup, I can now say goodbye to coughing.
Chen Yoke Ling, Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang
DNG Mangosteen 
My friends always praised me as a nice-looking girl because I had an attractive and smooth skin. However, I noticed my skin started to become dull and somewhat dry after I was giving birth. It was more obvious on my arms. I felt very unhappy and was looking ways to restore the youthfulness and brightness of the skin. I started to take DNG Mangosteen after I was told that it is rich in antioxidants that are helpful in nourishing the skin. After I consumed the product for some times, I noticed that the darken area of my skin has disappeared and becomes much elastic. I feel very thankful to this product that restore my youthfulness and beauty.
Ang Yoke Hong, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
IThere were obstruction, inflammation and swelling at the lymphatic points of my right leg. Doctors advised me to go for surgery while traditional Chinese practitioners suggested me to take medication to relieve the symptoms. I took medication for nearly two months but to no avail. The swelling at the ankle and foot area were so serious but I felt comforted when I got to know Bel’amour from the speaker in a lymphatic drainage detox seminar. I tried Bel’amour since it has been promoted as the most excellent product in relieving the swelling. I used Bel’amour in lymphatic detox massage for 8 times. I couldn’t believe that the inflammation on the right leg was gone. The swelling was also disappeared. The leg becomes lightened and relaxes. I do not take medication anymore. I apply Bel’amour on my leg and I like it very much.
Ho Kim Mooi, Kuala Lumpur
DNG Mangosteen
I had a lot of black spots on my face for many years. The spots made my face looked dull. I felt unhappy every time I look at the mirror. Therefore, I wish I could get rid of all the black spots from my face although I knew it was not easy to do that. However, I regained the confidence to restore skin beauty after I got in touch with DNG Mangosteen from DNG Worldwide. I took the product every days and nights. I found that my skin becomes more elastic and shinny after I took it for some times. The black spots also reduced very significantly while my body is full of energy now. I will continue to take the product to get a long term benefits.
Tee Lian Tek, Kapar, Klang, Selangor
Goat’s Milk Candy
I was having gastric discomfort for almost 10 years ago. Every time when the pain comes, I couldn’t be able to stand with it. It made me so painful that sometimes I even came out with my tears. I have seen many doctors and tried many methods but to no avail.
Fortunately, I was being recommended with the Goat’s Milk Candy from DNG Worldwide. I took it in every morning, afternoon and before bed for about 5 to 8 tablets per time initially when the pain is still unbearable. I felt less pain after about 10 minutes of taking the product. I continued the consumption for three months without stop. Now, I feel much better because the pain has gone. It is so amazing that I will surely continue to take the Goat’s Milk Candy.
Annie Lee Cheng Heok, Taiping, Perak
I totally cannot believe it’s the truth when the doctor told me I suffered from disc prolapsed. Doctor advised me to go for operation to prevent further progression when he realized my condition was rather serious from my CT scan report. I was so afraid that forced me to look for Chinese medical treatment rather than go for operation. However, the problem was still kept on. I felt extremely painful when I lied on bed at night. One day, I was told that the Company has a great product called Bel’amour. I used it for full body detoxification massage in order to see the effect fast. I noticed that the pain has gone after I used 6 bottles Bel’amour. I can sleep well at night and I feel surprise on it. Thank you Bel’amour.
Wendy Chen, Klang
Bright Max + Sea Cucumber Plus Syrup
I have to look at the computer screen continuously for more than few hours on most of the days due to the working requirement. Furthermore, I like to read but I was forced to open my eyes widely to read the small and fine words in the books. My eyes easily get tired, dry and painful. Luckily, I was introduced with Bright Max from DNG Worldwide. I put it along with me so that I can take one whenever I know I have to use my eyes for long hour reading. My eyes are never dry after I take Bright Max.
Also, I feel heat very easily, especially under the hot weather. However, I feel cool and refreshed again after I take Sea Cucumber Plus Syrup. Sea Cucumber Plus Syrup helps to ease the throat irritation when I feel the discomfort. The effects are totally different as compared to the previous times.